Welcome to OPINAIA!

Opinaia is a community of people who likes to give opinions and get to know new things. You may express your opinions on different topics. Such opinions will be important for companies, the media, -and even the public opinion, to make decisions.

That's why we value your honesty and protect your personal data.

The purpose of this document is to explain how the relationship between you and OPINAIA is managed:

When you use the services of Opinaia S.A ("OPINAIA"), you agree with these terms and conditions. Should we modify such terms and conditions, we will notify you via email and we will assume that if you continue using our services, you agree with the new terms.

Basic terms

  • You must be over 14 years of age to use this website.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your password secure.
  • You can only sign up once.
  • It is forbidden to modify, adapt or hack OPINAIA, or modify any other internet site to falsely imply that it is associated to OPINAIA.
  • You must not, by using OPINAIA, violate any law in your jurisdiction.


  • You must not compile OPINAIA users addresses to send unsolicited mail.
  • You must not create illegal, threatening, harmful or offensive content.
  • You must not upload content encouraging violence or expressing approval of criminal acts.
  • You must not violate copyright laws.
  • You must not intimidate, harass, or stalk other people.
  • You must not publish content containing viruses or content that may damage computer equipment belonging to third parties.


  • The number of survey invitations you receive as a registered user depends directly on your profile or the market conditions.
  • You are not assured a minimum number of survey invitations; but we will do our best so that so that every person registered receives a similar number of invitations.
  • You shall commit to giving honest and reasonable answers in the surveys you complete. Should you provide false, incoherent or blasphemous answers voluntarily, you may be penalized, losing the right to claim the prize announced and/or you may be disabled as OPINAIA panelist.


Your personal information will never be disclosed to third parties; we are particularly careful regarding privacy. We recommend that you read our Privacy Policy.

You agree to not transmit to third parties the information obtained through your participation in our surveys. .

Total or partial reproduction of questionnaires is fully forbidden. You agree to not disclose texts, images or videos you receive. Use and disclosure of information is completely forbidden. The information and content made available to you in the Service may contain commercial secrets or other confidential information, or information protected by copyright of OPINAIA's suppliers, or those who grant licenses. You agree to maintain as strictly confidential all the information and content you have access to in relation to your participation in any survey, project, questionnaire, or any other market research study activity associated to the Service, or from which you may gain knowledge. You must refrain from disclosing such information and content to any other person. You must not use said information or content with any other purpose except for the one associated to your participation in the Service in compliance with this Agreement. You hereby agree to immediately notify OPINAIA if you become aware of, or suspect that, such information or content is being used or disclosed, or is accessed in a way different from the one specifically authorized in this Agreement.

Repeat Offender Policy

OPINAIA has adopted, as a policy, the expulsion of those members it considers, at its sole discretion, as repeat offenders in certain circumstances. Likewise, the Company may, at its sole discretion, limit access to the Site and/or expel those users who violate third-parties copyrights, regardless of whether those users have committed the same violation repeatedly or not.

Conflicts of Users

As a user, you will be solely responsible for your interactions with other OPINAIA users. We reserve the right to control the conflicts you may have with other users, though we are not obligated to do so.

Disclaimer of Liability

OPINAIA is not responsible in any way for any User Content or Third-party Content published in the Site or related to the Site, regardless of whether such content has been published or originated by users of the Site, OPINAIA, other third-parties or any of the equipment or programs associated to the Site or Service or which are used by them. Even though we set standards concerning users behavior and publications, we do not control what users post, transmit or share on the Site, and therefore we are not liable for any offensive, inappropriate, obscene, illegal or questionable content that you may find on the Site, or with respect to any User or Third-party Content. The Company is not responsible for the online or offline behavior of any user of the Site or Service.

Occasionally, the Site and the Service may be temporarily unavaible due to maintenance or other reasons. The Company is not responsible for any errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions, defects, operation or transmission delays, communication line failures, thefts, destruction, unauthorized access or alteration of the User's communications. The Company shall not be held liable for any technical breakdown or any other problem in the network or telephone service, computer services, servers or providers, computer or mobile telephony equipment, software, email or server failures originated by technical issues or traffic congestion on the Internet or any other Site (or a combination thereof), including injuries or damages to computers, mobile telephones or any other software or hardware item belonging to the User or any other person, resulting from the use or download of material associated to the Wed and/or Service, including the Mobile Client software. Under no circumstances, shall the Company be held liable for any damages, including any loses or damages to the User Content, or personal injuries or deaths, resulting from the use of the Site, Services, any User Content or Applications, Third-parties Contents or Software published on the Site or Service, or transmitted by the Users, or the interactions among the Site users, either online or offline.

The Site, service and site content are provided "as is", and the Company expressly excludes all other statements and warranties, either express or implied, including all implied warranties of habitability, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. The company may not guarantee or promise any specific result deriving from the use of the site, service and/or any other platform application. The company does not state or guarantee that this software, site content or materials, or the platforms explanations are accurate, complete or reliable, or that such are updated or free from errors, or that the site, service, its servers or the platform applications are free from viruses or any other harmful components. Consequently, you should be cautious when using and downloading such software, content or material, and use some software to detect and disinfect recognized viruses. Notwithstanding the general aspect of the foregoing, you acknowledge and agree that you are downloading and obtaining content, material, data or software (including any mobile client) through the service and from any platform application at your own risk and criterion, and that you will be the sole responsible for the use you make thereof, for any damages that your mobile device or computer system may suffer and for any data loses or other related damages.

The Company reserves the right to modify any content, software and other items used or included in the Site, and any Platform Services offered through the Site at any time and without notice. References to products, services processes or other information through trade names, brands, manufacturers, suppliers, or others, do not constitute or imply that the Company approves of, sponsors or recommends such products, services, processes, or information, or that it has any relationship with them.

Limitation of Responsibility

In no event shall the company or its directives, employees or agents be liable to you or other third parties for any indirect, emerging, exemplifying, derived, special or punitive damages, including loses of benefits or data resulting from the use of the site or service, the site content or other materials you may have accessed through the site or downloaded from it, even when the company is aware or has been warned of the possibility of such damages; without prejudice to any provision otherwise stated in the agreement herein.


When you are invited to complete a survey, you will be offered the right to receive an incentive or prize for participating. The type of incentive will be included in the invitation to complete the survey. Most of the incentives will be in the form of coins. Coins are a form of virtual currency that you may earn when completing surveys, to be exclusively used on OPINAIA's platform, in the Store, in different ways. When you register with OPINAIA, you will receive 50 coins as a welcome gift.

You are entitled to receive coins whenever you complete a survey. As well as, if you planned to complete a survey but were excluded for not having the profile required or because you couldn't do it because other people with your same profile completed it before you.

If you participate in surveys providing blasphemous, incoherent or senseless answers, your right to the incentive will be rejected. OPINAIA reserves the right to cancel, at any time, the incentives program or to modify or supplement the regulations at its sole discretion.

Your account will be updated or validated every time you earn coins for a survey. In most cases, the account will be validated a few minutes after completing the survey, though 24 hours should be allowed for the credits to be displayed. When you redeem your coins in sweepstakes or donations, a validation process of your coins will be conducted; once approved, these will be debited from your account.

Your coins do not expire as long as you remain an active user of OPINAIA and as long as the coins program remains in force. If you cancel your OPINAIA account, if your account is cancelled due to misuse, if the email address where you receive surveys stops being valid or if you are considered inactive, you will lose all your coins. An "active user" is a user registered in the past 12 months or who has completed (or tried to complete) at least one survey in the past 12 months and has not been excluded due to account misuse or whose email address has not become invalid. If there is an error, OPINAIA reserves the right to make adjustments to the member's coin account. In the future, other methods to earn coins may be available. If you have any questions, you may contact us at info@opinaia.com


The coin system is available for all OPINAIA users over 14 years old with legal residency in their own country. Should a minor be the winner of a prize, the prize will be sent to one of the parents or an adult responsible to receive it. OPINAIA employees, their immediate family members and affiliates may not participate in the surveys.

Every OPINAIA account belongs to the person who registered said account. That member is the only person authorized to use it. If the account were used by any other person, this will be considered unauthorized use and may be a cause for account cancellation and loss of the coins earned.

OPINAIA reserves the right to delete accounts with their respective coins if these rules or any other provision in the policy are violated.


The prize delivery may be done by a local supplier in the country where the winner resides or an international supplier. Online purchase vouchers will be informed at the time of redemption and/or sent via email to the email address provided by the winner. In the case of physical products, these will be sent to the address informed by the panelist, or a branch of our supplier, if stated in this way. The prize delivery may vary depending on the country and locality where the user resides. The delivery time will be informed to the user by email.

Should the contact information provided by the winner be incorrect or any data missing, OPINAIA will contact the user via email and private message to request such information on the subsequent days. Be alert and check your email.

If your address is incorrect or any details are missing and we do not receive an answer after 3 weeks since contacting you, the prize will be cancelled, and your coins will be returned to your account.


Coins may not be transferred between users' accounts.

Limitation of Liability

OPINAIA shall not be held liable for any injury, loss, or damage of any kind resulting from the acceptance, possession and/or use of the prizes delivered.


How they work: you may redeem your coins for chances in monthly sweepstakes. You have access to the sweepstakes when you are an active OPINAIA panelist. The winning ticket of every sweepstake will be selected at random among all the people who are part of OPINAIA.

Prizes and Chances of Winning: every month there is a definite number of sweepstakes in the region. In every sweepstake one winner (unless otherwise specified) will be selected as the winner of the prize indicated. Prizes may include consumer goods or the chance to win more coins. The prize will be stated at the time of redeeming your coins.

Direct Redemption

How it works: Among OPINAIA's , redemption options catalogue, you may choose to win prizes directly by redeeming your coins collected. Redemptions may be done successfully once the user has chosen the prize they want, besides having enough coins for the transaction within the store prize offer.

Prizes and Chances of Winning: The prize offer is subject to availability and will be updated frequently, renewing redemption options. The prize is chosen by the user at the time of coins redemption.

Agreement with purchase voucher prizes

When choosing to participate for a purchase voucher prize (either through direct redemption or in a sweepstake), the user expresses its consent with the form of use provided by the store, including delivery costs, forms of payment and other conditions established by the associate. OPINAIA recommends that you review purchase conditions of these suppliers in advance, in order to avoid inconveniences if you become a winner.

OPINAIA expressly recommends that users carry out a prior assessment of the online vouchers that they wish to redeem for their coins earned, considering that redemptions may not be undone and the voucher chosen may not be replaced with any other. The redemption is the userÕs full responsibility and decision, and he/she acknowledges that he/she agrees with the Terms & Conditions presented for such acquisition. The user also acknowledges that the choice of the companies that offer the online voucher is his/her sole responsibility and that he/she agrees with the policies on use applied by these companies.


OPINAIA may contact panelists by email or telephone in order to supervise the correct use of the questionnaire and that the panelist has effectively completed said questionnaire and in good faith.

Should any type of fraud be proved, the user will be excluded from the panel and will also lose the right to receive a prize for the survey, even if he/she wins the sweepstake.

Image Copyright

Sending images of my person to OPINAIA S.A. (hereinafter OPINAIA) by email of through social networks implies I authorize to reproduce my image and I assign, in a free of charge and irrevocable way, all rights to use it. Such assignments includes the rights of graphic exploitation, reproduction, use, issuance, execution, publication, representation, adaptation, compilation, modification and exhibition via Internet and other alternative audiovisual means currently existing or that may be created in the future for Argentina and the rest of the countries of the world.

It is expressly stated that the assignment hereby includes OPINAIA OPINAIA's discretional power to use my image with photo montages, overprinting and other artistic and advertising accessories that OPINAIA may consider convenient at its sole discretion, in any type of advertising of the products and/or services and/or institutional material belonging to OPINAIA, and the means of communication mentioned above.

The assignment of rights hereby does not establish any time limits for their assignment, therefore it will be considered permanent. The rights transferred hereby may be exercised by OPINAIA and/or any natural or legal person that OPINAIA authorizes to such effect.

I hereby declare that I have nothing to claim from OPINAIA, for no means, and I expressly and irrevocably resign to any right to disallow the use of my image by OPINAIA or whomever the latter authorizes to such purpose. I declare that I know that OPINAIA is not liable for the potential use that third parties could make of my image.